The ProduceIQ Marketplace Is Coming In October 2020!

We are the first anonymous digital marketplace for qualified growers and buyers to achieve greater access and efficiency.

Expand Your Trading Network

For Buyers, we offer convenient access to additional food-safe, and quality Growers that may not otherwise have your vendor ID number.

For Growers, we offer an efficient way to optimize the sale of your whole crop by matching the right customer to the right product at the right time.

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Save Time and Reduce Costs

Locate deals easily.
Discover optimal prices.
Negotiate at your convenience, virtually!
Buy & sell in a flash.

Trade With Confidence

Growers & buyers directly negotiate price.
Both parties benefit from standardized terms.

Growers are qualified for food-safety, quality and reputation.
Buyers are qualified for credit-worthiness, payment practices, and receiving product fairness.

ProduceIQ creates a secure, trusted network by qualifying and continuing to rate participants on performance.