Making an Offer

When you find something on OfferUp that you want to buy, here’s how to contact the seller and arrange your purchase.

Make an Offer

  1. Open the item you want to buy.
  2. You’ll see the item’s price. This may be a firm cost or negotiable, depending on the item. If you have any questions, tap Ask to message the seller.
  3. Once you’re ready, tap Make offer. This doesn’t oblige you to buy. (Image 1)
  4. If the seller is open to negotiating the price, you can enter your own amount if you want. Edit the price on the next screen, or tap Edit when reviewing a shipping offer.
  5. The item may be available for you to pick up in person or get shipped to you. If both options are available, pick the one you prefer.
  6. To send your offer for an item to be picked up locally, tap Make offer.
  7. If the item is still available, the seller should reply to discuss or accept your offer.
  8. Once you agree on a price, you can arrange to meet and complete the sale. More about meeting locations. To send an offer for an item to be shipped to you, tap Ship to me.

Enter your payment info and address if prompted.
You’ll see a summary of your offer and the final cost. Tap Confirm offer to send it to the seller.
If they accept, you’ll be charged and they’ll ship the item to you. How shipping works for buyers

Complete the sale

If you’re meeting in person, inspect the item there. Get documentation or an outside inspection if needed. If you’re satisfied, go ahead and make your payment. If it isn’t exactly what you want, politely decline to buy. It’s nice to let the seller know you appreciate their time.

If you’re getting the item shipped, you have 2 days to inspect it after it’s delivered. If there are any issues with the item, like if it’s damaged or isn’t what you were expecting, see Buyer protection.

After the sale is complete, ask the seller to mark the item as sold so you can rate and review each other.

Note: Learn more about buying and selling during COVID-19.

Important: We are constantly adding and testing new features, so some features may not be available to all users.